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The Story Of Modestologie

The story of Modestologie

It all began when I started to buy my own clothes.

Until the age of sixteen, I honestly didn’t need to buy clothes for myself. I was a bit masculine back then — there are some remains — and would inherit my elder brother’s baggies and sweatshirts. It is only when I decided to go for more feminine looks that reality struck me : there was little to no offer for young women my type. Clothes for young girls wishing to elegantly cover their curves did not exist or were way too expensive.

Since that summer day, I dreamed of a brand that would cater to me. My parents being entrepreneurs, building my own company was rather intuitive. I have always worked with them, while being at school; I have always preferred working with them TO being at school.

After a few internships at fashion houses and the creation of a sourcing company in China, I realized how marketing & communication were eating up so much of a company’s budget, how untraceable fashion products were, and how unethical factories could be (what happened in Bangladesh and months later in Pakistan reinforced my outrage). My conclusion was that we, consumers, were being charged the consequent cost of big marketing campaigns, for clothes that often weren’t of good quality, made somewhere, by someone who may die because of us. Indeed, the fact we desire always more and cheaper garments from fast-fashion companies and other retailers nourishes this vicious circle.

This observation, coupled with my deep desire to find clothes that would suit me, made me do the big jump. I didn’t know how to draw, how to sew, I didn’t know much about the manufacturing process of clothes, but I would create a label that wished existed.

And that is how Modestologie was born.

Modestologie is a French modest designer brand that offers minimalistic essentials, made using luxury fabrics, with total transparency.

We create essentials that every modest woman should have in her closet.



To us, modesty is about humility, honesty, wanting the best for others, knowing things, being conscious and acting conscious. Design-wise, minimalism would be our translation of modesty; indeed, what is more modest than a sober and nicely cut essential?

We wanted to create a label that could be worn by anyone, anywhere. As lovers of aesthetic and simplicity, we make sure our designs reflect our minimalistic state of mind.

Luxury fabrics

We source our fabrics directly from the fabrics manufacturers. The same ones that supply luxurious European and international brands. We make sure we share the same work ethics; we visit them, we create relationships with them and talk to the workers. We mostly work with natural fabrics (cottons, silks, wool); some of our pieces have a bit of elastic fiber for more comfort. Also, we are soon going to introduce a new and sustainable collection of essentials.

We decided to use the best fabrics for Modestologie, because women deserve it. Our objective is to grow into a brand that is 100% ethically-sourced, from the fabrics to the zippers and buttons.


We believe customers have the right to know what their products cost to make. In traditional retail a designer piece is marked up 6x and more by the time it reaches the customer. By being online only, we eliminate intermediary and physical store costs, passing these savings on to you.

At Modestologie, we will reveal our true costs; we will also show you our markups. As we say, minimalism doesn’t need to be expensive.

Also, it is important that you know who makes your clothes. With the agreement of our collaborators, we decided to show you the people who produce your clothes and the environment they work in. Workers’ lives are at least as important as ours; it is time we recognize and value them for all the good they do to us by acknowledging them and giving back.

The modest team and myself are working real hard from Paris, for you modest women, because we love you too much; we hope you will enjoy Modestologie’s vision and creations. It is time for you to know your worth, to know your clothes, and to know the people behind every piece you own.

If you share our values, come join us! We would love to have you onboard! Feel free to support us and share the modest word with your loved ones!


Take care xx


Jeanne, Founder and CEO at Modestologie