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Italy - the cotton factory


When looking for a nice cotton fabric that we would use for our shirts at a fair, we stumbled upon a beautiful and crispy poplin cotton we thought could be used to make our beautiful pieces. 

We tried the poplin on with different weights and decided to go for the one we are using right now; indeed there is no transparency thus no need to add another layer underneath the designs we propose. 

The manufacturer is an Italian company that has been making fabrics since 1750 in Naples. They produce and export cottons all around Europe and the world, for high-end designer brands.

China - the silk factory

We met David in Paris, when looking for a silk factory. We wished to collaborate with a Chinese manufacturer because silk originates from the country. They are experts in cultivating silk fibers, dyeing them and spinning the fibers into yarn. 

For our silk shirts and tops, we use a 16mm crêpe-de-chine silk; it is opaque and has a beautiful matte finish. David works with top European luxury brands and silk retailers; he is a wonderful partner, very comprehensive and flexible.

France - the manufacturing atelier

We found Francis after quite a few trials with different manufacturers in Paris. The sewing and/or finishes didn't match our quality standards; most ateliers were charging too much per piece but paid very little attention to detail. We discovered Francis's atelier thanks to the founder's mother. Located in the center of Paris, in a courtyard, Francis's atelier is easily accessible; he manages a team of five people cutting the fabrics and sewing the pieces. He is a partner of choice with whom we learn about sewing every time we visit him.

Estonia - the organic cotton and manufacturing unit


That one has a fun story; and it proves that resilience is the MOST important thing that matters when operating a business.

So we had been looking for a knitted cotton manufacturer for quite some time; we had even traveled all the way to Moldova in order to visit a unit there. Jeanne attended fabrics shows in Paris, London, and browsed the internet for a few weeks.

She was in touch with a Lithuanian company who introduced her to an Estonian friend, who happened to have a unit in Tallinn. We started googling about them and factories in Tallinn, and that is how we found out about Olga's.

Her company knits natural and certified fabrics; they also happen to make garments - which was just great for us. 

After a few trials, prototypes sent back and forth, we decided to visit the factory in order to make sure their working standards were ours. We loved loved visiting the knitting/dyeing and garment unit! We met with the employees (more than 3/4 of them are women), talked with them, had a good laugh.

We also had a tea and met all the lovely women from the garment unit (100% oestrogens in there, lots of music and a very focused way of working - all that we enjoy!). We are very happy to have them as our newest collaborator for the new organic and GOTS+OEKO-TEX certified collection!
Videos and photos are on their way ;); we can't wait to show you their premises!