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We believe in education

Creating Modestologie was a way to convey our values, and a way to make a change.

When people know things, they understand better.

When they understand better, they think smarter.

When they think smarter, they have the power.

As Sir Francis Bacon once said, knowledge is power (find more information about Francis here).

We make sure we give all the information you need, in order to better know your clothes, your people, and to eventually understand how much we value you. 
Indeed, we believe that the more you value people, the more transparent you are with them.

And because knowledge is power, we also value education. Self-education or school programs; learning is the key to being and living conscious in life.

We all deserve to receive education and we all have the right to be given that chance.

For that reason, we instantly loved the mission of the NGO Kiron Open Higher Education. Here is their mission :

"World-class higher education. Internationally accredited degrees. For everyone, everywhere. Regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, financial or social status. But tailor-made for the needs and requirements of refugees worldwide."
What is not to like about them? We felt their mission was completely aligned with our values. Everyone deserves the best; everyone, everywhere.
From our acknowledgement of their mission, we kind of harassed contacted the French branch of the NGO, and got the chance to create a mentorship program with them.
Each member of the Modestologie team will become a mentor for one or two (at most, to make the experience enjoyable at its best) Kiron students.
Also, we will regularly hold workshops on diverse topics such as business/entrepreneurship/digital/data science with Kiron students.
At Modestologie, we are very very very excited to have this opportunity to work with Kiron students.
Indeed, they inspire us. They inspire us to never settle down but always look for ways to improve our skills, to get out of our comfort zone, to not take life for granted and to strive, always.
And we really hope we will inspire them back.
The Modestologie team